Colchester Theatre Group

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

by Martin McDonagh directed by Paul T Davies

AUDITIONS: Monday 13th  and Thursday 16th May at 8.00 pm at the Bunting Rooms

PRODUCTION DATES: Wednesday 9th – Saturday 12th October 2019


In the Irish village of Leenane lives spinster Maureen Foley with her 70 year old mother Mag. For whom she acts as a carer. Maureen dreams of leaving home, having a husband and basically living her own life, Mag dreams of Complan. Theirs is very much a love/hate relationship bordering on hate/hate. They are not nice to each other and the truth of some of their claims is revealed as the play progresses.

Ray Dooley, a young neighbour, brings news of a farewell party for his Uncle Pato, who is returning to America. Despite Mag’s best efforts to thwart the message, Maureen attends the party and brings Pato home with her. Pinning her hopes on him, the past is revealed and the play takes a very dark turn. This is black comedy at its blackest, and if you are familiar with McDonagh’s work you may know what to expect!


*All characters speak with an Irish accent.

MAUREEN- 40s, spinster, only been kissed once, resentful yet vulnerable.

MAG- 70s, manipulative yet the audience must find her funny.

RAY DOOLEY- Teens. Early 20s, neighbour, bit cheeky but also frustrated by the boredom of life.

PATO DOOLEY- 4os, slightly bemused by the attention from Maureen, but a nice guy fundamentally.

Directed by Paul T. Davies, who also directed McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan for Headgate Theatre Productions.


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