Colchester Theatre Group


4th – 8th September 2012

Directed by Kerry King at the Headgate Theatre

Some comments on the show

“It was a fantastic night out, everyone loved it. I haven’t heard my Mum laugh like that in ages!”

“Oh my goodness – what a fabulous show, we so, so enjoyed it.  Hats off to all of you for a brilliant performance!  Dad came too, which was his first trip out anywhere since he broke his hip mid July (he also has an awful leg ulcer for three months now) and he was chuckling away!  Well done for all being so brave!”

“You were all absolutely fab – thanks for such a great night”

“The whole evening was wonderful – we really enjoyed it.”

“This was an absolutely brilliant ensemble piece – the whole cast worked so well together.”

“Have a great run with a brilliant play – you were all fab”