Colchester Theatre Group

Colder Than Here by Laura Wade

Thursday, July 8 at 7:30pm – July 10 at 9:30pm

The Headgate Theatre 8th to 10th July 2010 at 7.45pm

Chapel Street North, Colchester, United Kingdom

Myra is dying of cancer. She’s planning her own funeral. One daughter is a recovering bulimic with a disastrous choice of boyfriend, the other a closet worrier. The heating doesn’t work and her husband’s useless at DIY. How will her family cope? A play full of hope, despair, humour, portentous tragedy and a wonderful warmness.

When a terminally ill woman researches burial grounds and starts arranging her own funeral there is nothing left for her dysfunctional family to do except start communicating with each other.

The cast of this poignant and moving play is: Helen Bridge, Gary Huggins, Chloe Spencer-Campbell and Rhiannon Arnold. Directed by Lorraine Dunt. Don’t miss it!