Colchester Theatre Group

The Foreigner

The Foreigner by Larry Shue directed by Elaine Lloyd

Production date 23-26 May 2018.

 NETG Nominations

Set design/construction/dressing

Technical Achievement

Adjucators Award Ensemble performances of supporting cast with special commendation to Brian Malone

Best Actor – Les Chisnall as Charlie

Cliff Hudson Award for Comedy – the production   – WON!

Excerpt from the adjudication: “Director Elaine steered this ship with a deft hand, encouraging her cast to play the drama of the piece and let the comedy emerge of its own accord. The pace was tight where it needed to be, and slower in moments of emotion – the tension of the violent conclusion, and the “ghost” business excellently built. A great job.

A delightful, bizarre comedy with some insights into human nature beautifully realised by
all concerned.”

Charlie – Les Chisnall

Froggy – Brian Malone

Catherine – Jemma Younger

Ellard – Jack Jordan

David – Joe Eason

Betty – Angela Whatling

Owen – Zach Miller