Colchester Theatre Group

The Miracle Worker

The Headgate Theatre 2nd – 5th November

Audience Reaction

We came to see The Miracle Worker on Wednesday, and thought it the best you have done! And you have done some very good plays, but with Kerry’s direction, and Alessandra and Charlotte’s talent, and the extremely good performances from all the other cast members, this was really the tops.The fight over table manners was brilliantly choreographed and executed, the tantrums very well done. Young Helen’s every facial expression and movement was absolutely right. That girl was really blind every moment of the play, the eyes did not ‘see’, not once, and I do know how hard that is, having ‘done’ a blind girl in the far distant past! One never saw a moment when her character dropped, from the entry to the exit. Brilliant! The  curiosity, the wonder, the terrible frustration, the rage, the joy – all were there to be seen and felt by the audience. Especially good was the way she would start ‘doing’ , exploring something, while other characters were involved in talk, and one would suddenly notice, and watch Helen while one’s attention was still on the dialogue. And that final scene – wow.